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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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rough day for bart look at today's problems that caused delays. concord k-9 officer finds himself opt the wrong side of the law accused of stealing prescription drugs from seen yers. it does show everybody including police officers have to be held accoun. >>reporter: matthew switzer is
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no longer a k-9 officer here he face as list of critical charges. >> one count of second degree burglary -- >>reporter: deputy district attorney is the lead prosecutorer on the case. the investigation into his actions started with a complaint from a citizen back in late january. they handed the case to the da east office because they needed a neutral agency. >> he stole a prescription med called norco. he also used his police officer
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status to gain e seen -- >>reporter: most living senior. >> this happened over a series of months. even the victims don't know how many times this kind of act occurred because there was a lot of repeat occurses. >>reporter: in response to the charges switzer attorney says officer switzer temporarily succumbed to an addition to pain killers. the statement goes on to say. with proper treatment i am confident he will beat this affliction. switzer is currently being held
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at the martinez detention fac. >> in san francisco two pedestrian were hit by cars today. shows the site of the first incident near okay taif ya. they believe he was intoxicated when he stumbled into traffic. the drive of the car that hit him stayed on the scene and corporate rating with the investigation. >> not long after a police officer was hit at the intersection of turk and jones. officer said they found a stolen car at the intersection an suspected thief was inside. he tried to get away and hit the
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officer. the officer not seriously injured. the suspect later caught and taken into custody. >> there was major delays for bart. those problems began about 9:15. a device that regulates train speed broke. the delay late lasted until late in the afternoon. both morning and afternoon commutes were affected. a series of problems with bart. you might remember this from late february a bart train ending its run for the night jumped the tracks between pleasant hill and concord. it until the following monday for the train to be taken off the tracks. then this from friday january 31 a barge dropped hit the tube.
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nobody was hurt but did cause major delays through the early afternoon. a convict known as the pillow case rain cyst. he rape and salted dozens of women in the area. there's concerns about where he will be set free. christopher hubbart. a man linked to dozens of sex crimes across california. >> 38 admitted victims we know about. he's set to leave prison at 63 years of aged. housed in unincorporated. while he's been convicted of rapes in santa clara county
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he's being sent south. >> let's focus on the changing the laws and trying to figure out ways to figure out how people who rape 38 women do not run free again. >> if the location is approved he won't have a chance a chance to come back to the bay area for at least a year. he'll be watched when he is released. >> 24-7. not allowed to drive, take a bus or anything at this point. rand m searches. >>reporter: keep in mind there was a prior proposal similar to this one. there was such outrage in southern california that the property owners backed out. jr stone kron 4 news.
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the bay area lottery luck continues tonight. someone in union city matched five of five numbers. here are the numbers. 1, 10, 15, 41, 54. the mega ball is 9. one person matched all of the numbers winning $30 million. bought at the island pacific at the corner of dier blood vesseled. -- >> rain fall totals. did not move quickly at all. we saw anywhere from tenth of an inch of rain to a third of an inch. as we look ahead to tonight it will be mostly clear skies clearing right now. this weekend is going to be
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sunny and warmer. warmer as we head into sunday. it will be cooler to ride out the workweek. we look at the seven day forecast coming up. >> a marine killed in a fremont traffic accident laid to rest today. >> a student gets accepted to majo.
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early morning fire at a children's hospital building in oakland is being gated as arson. used as a two story house of administrative offices. damage estimated at $15. >>reporter: getting accepted to the college of your choice is a big anxiety. what have what if you had a
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a senior at oakland tech
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high school has colleges ready to admit him. it's not his athletic ability that has him on the ivy league radar. >> to me it's about being a roe model that there is a lot of positivity in this city and no one can hold you back. >>reporter: that's been the key to his success. it's paid off. he's been accepted to more than a dozen universities. many of them are considered to be some of the best schools in the country. >> yale, browned, north western -- m. >>reporter: he did all on his own. straight as at oakland tech high school. >> i feel this school gets a bad wrap a lot of times.
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oakland gets a bad wrap for bad public education. for me -- i don't know. anybody can do it so why not go to the public school and do it from there. and prove there's a lot more potential and capable students and great teacher and staff that allow us to be college bound. >>reporter: he'll probably pick a school on the east coast. preferably one with a good baseball program. he's going to be prelaw or p. a funeral held today for a marine killed by a suspected drunk driver. he'd been riding his motorcycle whether it happened. hundreds of people came out to
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pay their respects. >> we are saddened by his passing. the least we can do today to show support for his family, community and armed force. >> he recently returned from a tour in afghanistan. he leaves behind his wife christiandy and his two . >>reporter: 900 nautical miles out into the pacific ocean opinion this is a picture of one-year-old cough man after her reached the sail both and able to stabilize the child. a nearby ship is now en route to the scene.
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meanwhile a second team is standing by to fly helicopters to the scene some 1400 miles round trip if necessaricy refewing along th. >>reporter: another big story here in san francisco . they police on heightened alert after threats against police officers have come in. this has to do with officer involved shootings. nieto was killed back in march believe a gun gun he was holding was real -- >> this is a live look at the white house. a big bash. food was wonderful. best of all our own vifvy was
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there. the president and his guest were celebrated to the greek independence day. she was posing by white house art. the dinner was cooked by the chef of the san francisco much loved greek restaurant. that's my favorite photo of her. and he looked pretty happ. big changes in the forecast. clearing skies and by tomorrow morning we'll have a little bit of cloud cover. it will be mostly clear from inland. things are going to warm up significantly. we're going to be upper 60s. radar showing rain has come to an end. cloud cover. that will stay with us to the 4:00 hour. before things clear in the late
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morning. temperature wise 43 in pleasanton same thing in half moon bay. into the afternoon several degrees warmer than what we saw today. upper 60s and low 70s in the south bay tp 70 for lows gat toes. the east bay going to be upper 60s. 66 in richmond 64 for hayward. upper 60s also for the north bay. warming trend is going to continue as we head into sunday and also into early next week. let's go back to that 7-day forecast. we'll cool slightly into wednesday and more dramatic cooling at the end of the week.
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the warriors wow. taking care of business big time
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tonight. jacksens didn't have david lee. didn't need them. scored 13 points. warriors up 20 in the second quarter. thom son had 21. here we go. speights all the reserves got -- all the reserves got playing time. speights had 10 points. 102-69. six flays the western conference. sacramento 47 wins for golden state. matches last year's win total. boy did they give it to the giants. opening day. sandy co-fax and the incredible vin skully 85 years. been doing dodger broadcast for
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65 years. arrived late for batting practice. so they made him sit. six runs for the first inning for the giants. had a rough outing. did not get the win. how about the replay. there it is. the man is called safe. the replay after bochi complained. won it. >> run nufs for race fans. they went -- >> tonight's game has been post. >> you know what happened, the skies were fine. overnight the grounds crew they took for granted that it was going -- that there would not be a lot of rain. they came to the park today and
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the infield and a lot of the out field were under water. they worked from 7:00 in the morning until about 7:00 at night. both teams said it was just too wet. they didn't want to risk an injury. i always feel sorry. and you planned for months to come to a game. >> they have the hot dogs and then they here it. >> there's no -- hear it. >> there's no make up game. they been rained out twice in one week. prior to that it hasn't been rained out since 1998. pete carroll woke up jim harbaugh today. jim has been saying i want a contract extension. carol got his today. with one year left on his
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contract they three more years. the guess is around $8 million. carol coming off a super bowl season. >> just because we need something to talk about i guess. win a gretsski's daughter has been a hot topic. he's on the cover of golf digest and certain lpga stars saying why mut put a quote -- on there. it's the latest deal where the old saying, sex sells. speaking of sunday night jason apple bonn will be trying a new weeked show. it will be be jason's ship. if it bombs blame him.
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>> you're wishing him luck aren't you? >> yeah i think identify been here long enough to wish him luck. [doorbell rings]
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the big announcement! >> i'm retiring. >> and the question everyone's asking. who's the next dave? >> could it be one of these guys? or gals. and howard stern. could it be him? >> howard stern would be perfect for this job. plus, the feuds. >> stop it! will you stop it! >> the flash. >> dave's top ten greatest moments. then -- >> oh my god, oh my god! >> tear railroad at wal-mart. and james franco firestorm. did he really try to hook up with a 17-year-old fan? >> i'm embarrassed. then, bucket list for a teen facing the crisis of her life. >> jumping into a pool fully clothed. >> that was number 46. and


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